Five Habits of High-Performing Non-Profit Boards


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When a Board of Directors serves in a governing capacity of a non-profit organization, the Board needs to act in certain ways in order to assure high levels of performance of the organization. This tool lays out the five habits of high-performing non-profit boards. (1 page)

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Five Habits of High-Performing Non-Profit Boards

High-performing governing boards display the following characteristics:

Habit 1: Board members cultivate the Board as a distinct entity.



  • Board members recognize the Board as a distinct entity that governs the organization.
  • The Board is different from Board members.
  • The Board directs the organization via the chief executive.
  • Individual Board members do not direct the chief executive or other staff, except when authorized to do so by the Board.
  • Board members offer suggestions or ask for information from the chief executive.



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