Crisis Leadership: How To Lead in Times of Crisis


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This crisis leadership tool explains how to lead in times of crisis. It is inevitable that you will at some point in your career face a situation that requires extraordinary courage under fire. More than at any other time, you will feel a lack of control. This is a frightening feeling. Learn these essential crisis leadership skills to be prepared. (7 pages)

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Crisis Leadership

To recap, in a crisis:

1. Events are unfolding more quickly than you can imagine.

2. Lives and fortunes are at stake.

3. You feel a loss of control.

4. You are frightened.

A crisis is the biggest test you will face.

Leading in a Crisis

There are two rules to follow in a crisis. Rule number one is this: Protect other people first – customers, employees and citizens. Not your shareholders or yourself. Protect the public and your customers, and the shareholders will follow. Why? Because the long-term reputation and goodwill of your organization are more important than any short-term risk to shareholder value or your own job security.

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