Developing Business Core Values


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In healthy, high-performing organizations, people share a clear understanding of business core values and how they are measured. This tool helps people identify and develop their business core values. (6 pages)

We recommend this be used with The Six Rings Model tool.

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Developing Business Core Values

Definition: Core values are the activities and behaviors essential to the organization’s success and sustainability. For example, customer satisfaction is a core value of many organizations.

Core values typically do not change over time. Once defined, they should be communicated to every employee and tie directly to employee recruitment, appraisal, and promotion.

Developing core values is difficult for several reasons. First, people are often confused by the word “values.” In this context, a value is what we hold to be important, rather than, for example, the price we put on something.

Second, people are surrounded by different value systems – including their own personal values, their culture’s values, and their organization’s values. As individuals we value dignity and freedom. But our company may value profits and satisfied customers. Sorting out these different values can be confusing, to say the least!

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