Straight Talk® Business Communication Skills Training


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This Straight Talk® Business Communication Skills Training includes everything you’ll need to learn about communicating effectively for strategic results at work. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Straight Talk: Understanding Communication Styles: The Straight Talk® book shows how to idenfity your style and modify it to improve the way you communicate.
  • Straight Talk® Survey, Scoring Guide and Style Descriptions: Determine your unique communication style and learn about all 16 styles. (PDF)
  • Straight Talk® Profiles: Read in-depth, detailed profiles of each of the 16 communication styles! (PDF)
  • Straight Talk® Matrix of Communication Styles: A printable high-resolution poster that’s great for team workshops. (PDF)
  • How Your Straight Talk® Communication Style Is Calculated: An in-depth guide to the mechanics behind the survey and how we determine your unique style. (PDF)

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