A Quick Route to Resolving Conflicts


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This tool describes a quick process to resolve conflict in the workplace. By following this map, you will be able to identify the kind of conflict you encounter, determine your role in it, and figure out the shortest, easiest path to resolving the conflict. Both individuals and groups can use this tool. (2 pages)

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How to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

The Types of Conflict

A. Organizational

  • Conflicts over outcomes – what results are envisioned
  • Conflicts over process – how decisions are being made, failures to communicate or engage people in the process
  • Conflicts over people – who’s being utilized to do what, who manages what (not personal)
  • Conflicts over resources – how money is to be utilized, who gets what money

B. Personal

  • Emotional dislike for someone or some group stemming from perceived “wrongs” or abuses
  • Emotional antipathy toward someone or some group stemming from competitive feelings
  • Emotional dissatisfaction with yourself, stemming from a feeling of shame or that you’ve done something badly

A Quick Path to Conflict Resolution

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