What are some tips to hone emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and communicate effectively to different audiences. It’s the ability to understand your own motivations and feelings. It’s the ability to display confidence while at the same time enabling others to feel confident and successful.

Take the following steps to hone your emotional intelligence:

  • Avoid rushing to judgment when an employee does something that disappoints you. Slow down and ask questions about what led to the behavior. Listen with an open mind.
  • Examine whether you were at fault for a negative outcome. If so, accept responsibility and be honest with yourself and others about where you went wrong.
  • Think through carefully what motivates the people around you. Engage them in discussions about how best to tap their intrinsic sources of motivation. Use emotional intelligence to figure out how to communicate and support them.
  • Be attuned to your patterns of communicating. Take the survey at GoStraightTalk.com to learn your style and see how to improve your communication.

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