Inter-Generational Leadership

Understanding today’s workforce with inter generational leadership is important to managing and motivating your employees. Today’s marketplace is comprised of several generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. These three groups will be at work for the next ten to fifteen years. By understanding the behaviors and motivations of each generation, you can benefit from the generational change.

Inter-Generational Leadership (Download PDF)

Managing Generation Xers

Here are 10 strategies for managing Gen Xers:

1. Turn your organization into a fluid hub. Employ people from a large and diversely skilled talent pool. Create a dynamic corporate culture that promotes innovation.

2. Rethink the role of your core group. Maintain a coherent core group of leaders. Build powerful incentives to keep them. Give them a stake in the bottom line.

3. Train people quickly.

4. Teach career effectiveness skills.

5. Teach managers to manage. Teach supervisors how to delegate, give feedback and coach performers.

6. Provide coaching-style feedback. It should be frequent, accurate, specific and timely. It gives employees guidance as they need it.

7. Reward results rapidly.

8. Promote innovation.

9. Create personal retention plans. Become a resource center for personal growth and development. People are more likely to stay if they can achieve personal growth at your organization.

10. Keep your finger on the pulse of the organization. Know workers’ attitudes and opinions – they change quickly in a fluid environment.

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