Executive Development Plan

This tool is for leaders looking to develop their careers. It is a superb tool for people who are seeking to find a new position or career track within their existing company or in a new company. It details the steps to ensure the best possible results.

Download the PDF at Tools.Leading-Resources.com.

  1. Complete the writing steps 1-5 to define personal goals/success factors.
  2. Complete the writing steps 6-10 to define your career goals.
  3. Develop a specific implementation plan to achieve your career goals.
  4. Create a resume, bio, and other presentation materials appropriate to goals.
  5. Conduct mock interviews, finalize materials.
  6. Set up meetings; do further planning/course correction.

Timetable of Activities

The following timetable represents a reasonable schedule for achieving each of the activities listed above:

Writing Assignments – Steps 1-2

These are the writing assignments for Steps 1 and 2. We recommend you set up a filing system to track your progress and organize the information you gather and develop – including these assignments.

Complete these assignments at home, or in another place where you can enjoy peaceful, reflective time:

1. Characterize (in writing) the following:

  • the person you want to be
  • the challenges you want to undertake
  • the work you want to do
  • the people you want to work with
  • the place you want to do it
  • what you want to get paid for it
  • how much risk you’re willing to take
  • the position, role, job you want

2. Identify the people you admire.

3. Inventory your skills.

Specify what you’re really good at (and not good at).

4. Create a list of things you’re most proud of, and why.

5. Project your career over the next 10 years.

Based on all of the above, define in one paragraph how you would like to see your career unfold over the next 10 years.

6. Based on steps 1-5, identify specific industries and companies you would like to be associated with.

7. Develop a catalog of relevant accomplishments.

Develop a catalog of the things you have accomplished using your skills that would be of interest to your target companies.

8. Profile yourself in five sentences.

9. Construct five stories that show your accomplishments and illustrate who you are.

10. Define your ideal job target, ideal company, ideal salary range.

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