CNIP Leadership

CNIP Leadership

Recently I came up with a new acronym – CNIP – to describe a process that people in leadership roles can use to think about what’s important.  The “C” stands for context. The “N” for need. The “I” for what do I need to do. And the “P” stands for plan.

C: Context is everything. As a leader, you need to understand the current context of your organization. The traditional way to do this a SWOT analysis, which is a good start. You also need to observe how people work and interact and whether you think people are doing amazing things – or doing the bare minimum to get by.

N: Once you understand your organization’s context, you need to figure out what it needs. Does it need a shake-up? A slight alteration of course? To slow down? Speed up? Think about the 3Ps: people, processes and products (or services).

I: Now that you know what it needs, ask yourself: What should I do? How do I need to exercise leadership to meet that need?

P: Lastly, what’s the plan? Ultimately you need a coordinated plan of action, written down so that people understand it and can hold each other accountable.

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