Recruiting Effective Board Members

The quality of leadership demonstrated on the Board of Directors speaks volumes about the quality of the overall organization, particularly for non-profits. When recruiting new Board members and building effective Boards, you need to know what attributes you’re looking for. You can use the criteria below to determine whether a given candidate possesses the characteristics that will help you build a high-performing Board of Directors.

Candidate’s Name: ________________________

Assign a score of 1 to 4 to each criterion, with “1” being the lowest and “4” being ideal. Multiply your ranking times the weight. Then, add the total and compare with our field-tested evaluation.

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SCORE (Weight times your Evaluation)

86-100: This candidate has the makings of a superb Board member.

74-85: This candidate is someone entirely worth considering.

62-73: This candidate should probably go on the “B” list for now. Work to make them a better candidate.

61 and below: You should probably not consider this candidate unless they bring some very important attributes (financial capacity, etc…)

Board Governance CTA

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