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10 Interview Questions Regarding Leadership

One of our clients, a large non-profit, is going through a search for a new president. I was asked to develop a series of questions to address the topic of leadership. I was not asked to address finance, fundraising, planning…

An Experiment in One-Hour Coaching

I’ve recently been conducting one-hour coaching sessions for several middle managers. These are one-time meetings, 60 minutes long. The client wants to see if middle managers can benefit from just a taste of the coaching…

New Research Underscores the Importance of Trust

My book The Leadership Equation explained why trust is so important to building high-performing organizations. It explained how our brain chemistry is hard-wired to look for signals that we trust one another.

The Leadership Pipeline: Developing Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

We are excited to share this informative webinar with you, presented by our senior consultants at Leading Resources Inc. For the last 20 years, we have focused on developing leaders and leading organizations. Our firm’s clients include large and small public agencies and departments, including the California State Auditor, CalPERS, and California’s Medi-Cal program. Some of the …

The Benefits of Onboard Coaching: Assuring the Success of New Executives

One of the most valuable ways to assure high levels of success for leaders in your organization is to create an effective onboard coaching experience.

CNIP Leadership

Recently I came up with a new acronym – CNIP – to describe a process that leaders can use to think about what’s important.

7 Tips for Senior Managers

Here are seven things I wish I had known when I was put in a senior management role:

Contextual Leadership

My most recent book, The Leadership Equation, described ten universal competencies that I believe all leaders must use to build high-performing organizations. But I want to emphasize that I also think that all leadership is contextual. By that I mean, leaders need to figure out the position that they – and their organizations – are …

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Leadership Trait

When we think of successful leaders and leadership styles, we often consider their business intelligence – the ability to think and execute in the short-term and plan for the future – as the most important factor of success. Equally important for a leader is emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand …

Four Leadership Competencies That Build Trust

When employees feel high levels of trust, they feel a sense of calm happiness. They take pride in their work, they communicate openly and honestly, and to the extent they can, they think of themselves as stewards, running the business like they own it. A lack of trust breeds the opposite feeling. It causes people …