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The Customer-Centric Organization

Building a customer-centric organization can improve nearly every aspect of a company’s performance while keeping everyone else happy too.

Why Culture Matters

Building or reinforcing a great culture can require a lot of work. But investing in your company’s culture will have a major impact on performance.

Creating a Leadership Culture

Every company aspires to – or should aspire to – create a culture where employees are highly invested in the company’s success and run it like they own it.

Enabling Local Invention

Many executives make the mistake of asking high-level executives to lead the innovation charge. But fueling local invention will have greater success.

How to Sharpen Focus—And Why It Matters

Why do some companies regularly fail to accomplish their most important priorities? Often the answer is that they’ve failed to sharpen the focus.

When to Hire a Facilitator

Not every difficult decision requires professional facilitation. The following factors are good indicators that you need a facilitator.

The Best Communication Tactics During a Crisis

During a crisis, everything feels magnified, including the stakes, potential consequences and stress levels. These factors can make communication more difficult.

What’s Your Decision-Making Style?

Knowing your decision-making style can give you more insight into why you make the decisions you do and help you to improve your decisions.

Learning the Art of Delegation

Delegation is the number one skill that managers need to master to become effective leaders. Delegating frees up time for leaders to focus on higher-level initiatives.

Leading with Humility

When CEOs were asked to name the most important quality people desire in their leaders, they gave a surprising answer—humility.

Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Leadership Trait

When we think of successful leaders, we often consider their business intelligence as the most important factor of success. Equally important for a leader is emotional intelligence.

Why Core Values Matter – and How to Instill Them

Core values have the power to drastically improve your company’s culture. They also have the power to foster cynicism. It all depends on how you treat them.

Two Common Leadership Styles That Set You Up for Failure

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of ineffective leadership without realizing it. Learn to recognize—and avoid—these two common ineffective leadership styles.

Creating a Currency of Innovation

The world’s top performing organizations are dedicated to fueling innovation among employees. Focus on implementing the following techniques to light the spark.

Ground Rules for Productive Meetings

Ground rules are the foundation of productive meetings. We recommend that every team adopt ground rules similar to these to ensure productive meetings.

Focus and Trust in High-Performing Teams

Using this tool, leaders can assess their teams and quickly see ways to transform them into high performing teams.

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Four Competencies That Build Trust

When employees feel high levels of trust, they feel a sense of calm happiness. A lack of trust breeds the opposite. Leaders and managers inspire trust via the competencies they display.

The Six Rings Planning Model

This tool defines the six elements of a strategic plan and shows their relationship and inter-dependence. This is a valuable tool to use in guiding the strategic planning process.

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