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Strategic Planning


Strategic planning should be a transformative experience that assures you and your organization are thinking and acting strategically. Here are the specific ways our expert facilitators can help you:

  • Interview stakeholders, customers and employees to assess your organization’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Facilitate decisions about the important trends and factors affecting your organization’s future.
  • Design planning processes that effectively engage your governing board, chief executive, senior leaders, managers and employees in thinking strategically about the future.
  • Clarify mission (or purpose), vision and core values.
  • Facilitate decisions about priorities for change.
  • Help you determine how success will be measured with metrics and targets.
  • Share examples and draft the actual strategic plan.
  • Translate the strategic plan into action plans.
  • Build organizational support and buy-in for the plan.
  • Facilitate regular monitoring of the plan to assure you achieve the desired results.
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